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CilLa’s LifeStyle Lessons BLOG

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Hello Universe,

Welcome to CilLa’s LifeStyle Lessons Blog, owed an operated under the umbrella of UTU Connections, Inc. Hello, I’m Priscilla Edwards, the site's originator and President, of UTU Connections, LLC– a communications consulting firm specializing in transition services for adults 40 years and older seeking career change and self-actualization.

CilLa's LifeStyle Lessons Blog is all about unceasingly moving toward mental, physical and social well-being for ourselves, families and communities.

I’m looking forward to sharing in engaging dialogue and learning together. If you are interested in hearing what's on the minds of grandparents or are interested in thought provoking dialogue to keep you growing toward a healthy lifestyle, you are in the right place! In addition to an Exclusive CilLa Topic of the Month, blogging will cover things like: The New Normal, Living Healthy Authentically, Dream Travel, Grand Parenting, Family Legacy, Radical Empathy, and Book recommendations.

Tune in and share your views on CiLa's Topic of the Month: “PanDiversary (Pandemic Anniversary) Reflections”.

It's been about a year since the Pandemic hit. Though many losses have occurred, there have been gains and lessons learned. Let's reflect and share some of the inroads achieved despite the intrusion of COVID.


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